Drawstring bags, also known as Cinch bags. It is a small and light backpack with two ropes. You can adjust it by using two ropes. When you tighten the drawstring, the bag will close. When you release the drawstring, the bag is opened. There are also many types of drawstring bags, such as cotton drawstring bags, nylon drawstring bags, polyester drawstring bags, non woven drawstring bag and more.

cotton drawstring bag NW C014 c2820

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Drawstring bags have gradually become more and more popular so we often see them in our daily life. It also means that they are widely used in various places. There are five most common uses of drawstring bags introduced to you.


As a sports bag, a drawstring bag should be the best choice. They are easy to open and close because of flexible. In addition to being flexible, they also have the feature of being easy to clean. People will change out of their dirty clothes and put on new clothes after doing exercise. We simply put the bags and dirty clothes in the washing machine to clean them when we get home.


Drawstring bags will be your good choice in a limited space. It can be a good replacement for storage boxes to load items. Meanwhile, compared with the large size of the storage box, the drawstring bag can be flexibly put into the wardrobe or under the bed.

For Go Out

Many people will not choose to travel with suitcases for a short trip. Thus, the drawstring bag has also become one of the choices for people to go out for a short time. You can pack what you need into the drawstring bag for easy travel.


Drawstring bags are very common on campus. People usually use it to carry books, pens, and other school supplies to the library for studying. Besides many people will customize and print on the canvas bag as decoration according to their own preferences.

Promoting Business

The drawstring bag will be one of your good choices when your company needs to carry out publicity. Not only can it easily print brand logos, but it can also be loaded with items, making it an ideal promotional item. As long as people wear it, it definitely increases your brand awareness to a certain extent.

In the 18th century, as dress silhouettes began to become slimmer, drawstring bags also became more popular. Not only do women like to use drawstring bags but also men do and start using them on a daily basis to carry what they need.

Nowadays, many drawstring bags are made of waterproof materials. So the contents of the bag are protected from water damage. Besides, drawstring bags are becoming more and more popular is that they can easily be expanded in size to hold more items by adjusting the drawstring.

Lots of Space, Durable, Waterproof, Eco-Friendly, and Easy to Customise are the most common five advantages of drawstring bags.

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