Cotton Denim Drawstring Bag NW-C015

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Min Order:  1000 pcs
Price Range:  : $0.10 to $8.00 / Set Based On The Features
Supply Ability:  : 10,000,000 pcs / Month Waiting for Your Order in Stock
Global Shipping:  : Available to Your Location
Payment Terms:  : T/T, Credit Cards, e-Checking
  • Coloured cotton drawstring bags with customized logo.
  • Cotton bag supplier based on cotton grow province.
  • The eco friendly printing ink and fabric.
  • Used for promotion/shopping/packing/celebration/souvenir.
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Welcome to ToteBagSupplier, your one-stop destination for eco-friendly, reusable, and stylish bags. Today, we’re excited to introduce our latest offering – the Cotton Denim Drawstring Bag NW-C015. This bag is not just a bag; it’s a statement of style, sustainability, and quality.

Key Features

The Cotton Denim Drawstring Bag NW-C015 comes with a host of features that make it a must-have accessory:

  • Custom Printed: The bag features a unique pattern design on both the front and back, printed using silk screen printing. This method is particularly suitable for spot-color printing designs.
  • Size and Color: The bag measures 15cm in width and 25cm in height, with a long drawstring of 56cm. It comes in a vibrant blue color that adds a pop of color to any outfit.
  • Material: Made from 100% raw cotton, this bag is reusable, sustainable, and eco-friendly. It’s a perfect choice for those conscious about their environmental footprint.
  • Quality: The bag boasts overlocked seams and cross-stitched handles for extra support. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • Safety: Our custom printed cotton bags are AZO free, Low Cadmium, and non-Toxic, ensuring they’re safe for you and the environment.

Why Choose Our Cotton Denim Drawstring Bag?

As more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, our range of printed cotton bags are becoming increasingly popular. These bags are 100% plastic-free, helping us reduce our day-to-day plastic usage.

Cotton fabric is fully reusable and biodegradable, making our bags a versatile choice. They can be used as promotional bags, gift bags, shopping bags, tote bags, and even fruit bags.

But that’s not all! Our customers have shared that these custom printed cotton bags have become the new fashion bags for the office, school, casual outings, and more. The key is the pretty printing design, which serves as a unique decoration on the cotton bag.

How We Make Our Custom Printed Cotton Bags

Our process of making custom printed cotton bags is meticulous, ensuring the highest quality:

  1. We purchase raw cotton fabric as per the confirmed Cotton Bag’s gsm.
  2. The fabric is then cut into pieces.
  3. We print on the bags, ensuring they match the confirmed samples.
  4. Each bag is inspected for printing flaws.
  5. The bags are stitched and inspected again for finishing.
  6. Finally, the bags are packed and ready for shipment.

Our Range of Creations

At ToteBagSupplier, we offer a wide range of bags to cater to various needs and preferences. Apart from the Cotton Denim Drawstring Bag, we also offer:

  • Custom Printed Cotton Shopping Bags
  • Promotional / Advertising Bags
  • Custom Printed Cotton Grocery Bags
  • Custom Printed Cotton Carrier Bags
  • Custom Printed Cotton Tote Bag
  • Special Bags for specific occasions like Christmas, New Year, etc.

All these bags can be made under your design, customized model, and any size. We’re always open to suggestions regarding our production and service from distinguished customers like you.

How to Decorate a Custom Printed Cotton Bag

Many consider that we can wear and carry cotton and custom printed cotton bags only when we go shopping. But our customers have shared that once they put their nice printing design on a plain cotton bag, it became a new fashion bag for various occasions. The pretty Cotton Bag design is the key decoration on the cotton bag.

Customizing Your Bag

As a leading Cotton Bags Manufacturer, we welcome you to customize your natural plain cotton totebag:

  • Personalized Cotton Bags: You can customize your bag to reflect your style and personality.
  • Gsm of Cotton Fabric: We usually use 4OZ(110gsm),5OZ(140gsm),8OZ(230gsm),10N(283gsm),12N(339gsm),14N(396gsm), 16N(452gsm) material to make eco cotton bags. You can choose other thickness material as per your preference.
  • Color: You can choose from our stock color swatches for small quantities. For larger quantities, you can customize the color. We can dye cotton canvas material in various colors.
  • Logo Design Printing: You can customize the logo design and colors as per your requirement.

Printing Methods

We offer various printing methods to cater to different design requirements:

  • Silk Screen Printing: This method applies to designs that contain spots printing colors.
  • Heat Transfer Printing: This method applies to designs that cover small areas and contain multiple colors.
  • Sublimation Printing: This method applies to designs that cover large areas and contain multiple colors.

Ordering and Delivery

The minimum order quantity for natural color is from 500-1000pcs. The price is higher for smaller quantities. Our production capacity is 500,000 pcs a month, and the production lead time is around 15-35 days as per your requirement and quantity. We can accommodate urgent delivery dates upon request.


We offer shipment by sea, by air, or by express. Normal mass production is 50-200pcs in a standard exported carton with your marking printing. You can customize the single packing as per your requirement.

Contact Us

We’re based in Shandong, China, and our seaport is Qingdao. Feel free to contact us for any queries or to place an order. We look forward to serving you!

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The Cotton Denim Drawstring Bag NW-C015 is more than just a bag. It’s a statement of style, sustainability, and quality. With its unique design, eco-friendly material, and high-quality construction, it’s a bag that you can carry with pride. So why wait? Make a statement today with our Cotton Denim Drawstring Bag!

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