Non-woven Bags

Non-woven fabrics are directional or random weaving of short fibers or filaments to form a web structure, which is then made by mechanical, thermal bonding, or chemical reinforcement. The advantage of the non-woven bag over other bags is that it is very strong. It can be reused many times and is easy to clean.

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Since there are many types of non-woven bags, more and more people use them. Such as nonwoven polypropylene bags, non-woven laminated bags, non-woven drawstring bags, and more. At the same time, there are numerous advantages of non-woven bags. They are durable, lightweight and foldable, affordable, environmentally friendly, waterproof and insulation, and recyclable.


Non-woven fabrics are made by chemically combining long and short fibers. Therefore, the non-woven bag is very durable and not easy to tear.

lightweight and foldable

The non-woven bag is very light in weight and the fabric is soft, so it can be folded for easy storage and carrying.


Non-woven bags can be produced in a short time, reducing the production pressure of non-woven bag factory. Compared with other bags, they are cheap and environmentally friendly, so they better meet people’s needs.

Environmental friendly

Non-woven bags don’t need to be made in ways that harm the environment, so non-woven bags are exactly what society needs today.

Waterproof and insulation

Non-woven bags look and feel like cloth, but don’t require weaving, and they’re also great at waterproofing and insulating.


Non-woven bags can be recycled to reduce pollution on the land.

Of course,yes! Due to the process in which it is made, it is strong, reusable and easy to clean.You just need to put it in the washing machine to clean up.

Fibers are bonded through various processes to form non-woven. First, a binder is used to bond the fibers together. Second, bonding and interlocking in mechanical processes are done by needle punching or fluid jet entanglement or suturing. Finally, the binder is added to the powder, paste, or polymer melt and is melted onto the web by increasing the temperature.

The biggest difference between woven bags and non-woven bags is the way of manufacture. Woven bags are made of woven cloth. The non-woven shopping bag is made of bonded fibers.

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