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Neway Ecobag is cotton bags, non woven bags, laminated bags,polyester bags,cosmetic bags,beach bags, PPE products, cooler bags, Biodegradable bags, felt bags, washable paper bags Manufacturers, wholesalers and factory in china. Our products enjoy good reputation in the market and have been sold to Australia, Canada, Spain, UK and other places.

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Get Eco-Friendly with Wholesale Organic Tote Bags

Get Eco-Friendly with Wholesale Organic Tote Bags


Cotton Club Clothing Wholesale: Affordable and High-Quality Apparel for Your Business


Wholesale 100% Cotton Tote Bags: An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Option

Best Tote Bag Suppliers In China

Custom Tote Bags with Personalized Logo for your Company

Totebagsupplier is a direct ​manufacturer and trusted supplier of custom promotional bags, custom tote bag, wine bags and drawstring bags in the China. At Totebagsupplier, we make it easy to order the perfect custom made bags for your business whether it is for your next upcoming event, seminar or token for your valued employees and customers.

Leading cotton bag manufacturer china & cotton tote suppliers china

These cotton bags are easy-to-carry with a soft shoulder strap, spacious in size and are available in a wide range of colors with trendy designs and patterns. Our Cotton Bags are pocket friendly and highly customizable as per our Customer needs.

We have focused on the segment of Cotton bags, cotton tote, Trade Show Totes, Classic Totes, Boat Bags and Foldable Bags.

Our all eco-friendly cotton bags, cotton tote are impressive, making with uniformity and perfection. The cotton tote & cotton bags are the most economical advertising and promotional medium persistent everywhere.

It would not be wrong to express the fact that a man has always been into the innovations of those things he can use for diverse reasons. A lot of things developed for us so as to make our lives simple and a cotton bag is one such creation which we have been utilizing in our everyday life. India has been a leading producer of cotton in the world and thus cotton bags India are very popular.

When we choose about purchasing countless items from a mall or a shopping complex or from a nearby grocery store, we certainly search for a carrier in which the things can be placed effortlessly. Cotton bags truly seem to be a multipurpose carrier that has been picking up an enormous popularity all around the globe.

Cotton bags are very versatile and completely in fashion. We at Totebagsupplier ensure the best quality of our cotton bags and thus we are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cotton bags in the world. To get the best quality of cotton and tote bags contact the best Cotton Bag Manufacturer China i.e. Totebagsupplier.

Expect the service, quality and expertise that only comes from your trusted custom bag maker in the China. Check some of our best selling promotional bags now to get started with your order.

Available branding executions are:

  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Full Color Sublimation
  • Digital Embroidery

Lead time:

  • 5-7 working days sampling
  • 12-18 working days mass production

Tote All Essentials

Whether you’re going to the grocery store or heading to school, tote bags are exactly what you need. They’re lightweight, so carrying things like food, books, and whatever else is made easier. Tote bags are also foldable. They’re fantastic additions to your everyday bag, so you can have an extra pouch for additional things you might need to bring with you.

Stylish Accessories

One of the best things about custom tote bags is their versatility. They come in different colors, sizes, and shapes so you can pick the best one that suits your needs. Need to make a quick grocery run? Take a regular tote bag that will fit everything you’ll buy. Going to the mall? Pick one with a holographic design to put the perfect finishing touch to your OOTD. Thanks to printing technology, customized tote bags can look like anything you want.

Great Giveaway Gifts

Businesses like giving away tote bags that carry their brand image and name. They’re a practical and convenient choice when thinking about quick giveaways. Since they’re so useful, the brand exposure will last longer compared to more traditional forms of advertising. Whenever people carry custom tote bags with your company’s logo, they’ll be reminded of your brand. It raises the exposure not just to the carrier of the bag, but also to the surrounding people.

Wide Range of Products

If you already have a giveaway, why not further customize them with personalized hang tags? We can mass produce hang tags made with high-grade paper. These can be cute and witty and bear the names of your workers or the intended recipients of the gifts.

It’s also a-okay if you have your own tote bags, umbrellas, caps, and other accessories already. We can put your brand name on all of these! ’s adept artisans can design and produce neatly made patches and that you can sew onto your pieces.

So if you’re looking for something handier than t-shirts, jackets, and other types of clothing, you have come to the right place. We at Totebagsupplier are more than just clothing. Choose from among masterfully handcrafted umbrellas, hang tags, patches, and other accessories. These are not just pretty, but also pretty practical. And as in all the other products we offer, we can make adjustments to these products in accordance with your specifications.

Start customizing your giveaways with us. Click the accessory you want and go over the product description. Afterward, feel free to request a quote with a free mock-up or prototype.

Design from the Pros

Have an idea in mind, but don’t know how it will pan out? Fret not! Totebagsupplier has you covered. When it comes to custom tote bags, you will never have to feel lost. Our design team is with you every step of the way to co-create and customize your team uniform.

Why Choose Totebagsupplier?

We’re all about making your ideas into reality by using quality materials, superb craftsmanship, and stylish designs. We’ll help elevate your brand by producing personalized products such as shirts, tote bags, sports jerseys, and even drink-ware that feature your logo and tagline that will give your company exposure in ways that no billboard, magazine ad, or posters can replicate.

Tried and Tested

As one of the leading tote bag printing suppliers in the country, Totebagsupplier has worked with industry leaders and multinational corporations for customized apparel needs. From quality jackets and breathable polo shirts to stylish face masks and bags, Totebagsupplier has gained a reputation for producing quality products that suit the clients’ vision.

Get Your Free Mock-Up Today!

Get your custom tote bags! Creating one has never been this easy as with Totebagsupplier. It all begins with your idea. To get started, drop us an e-mail at [email protected] or give us a call anytime from 9 AM to 5 PM, and we will get back to you in a jiffy! Do expect a full mock-up design and a quotation for your approval.

No logo yet? No worries! We will help you create a custom design to make your custom apparel stand out!

So, what are you waiting for? Place your orders now. You can try out our different products such as custom T-shirts, polos, jackets, PPEs, bags, drinkware, and other accessories.

Totebagsupplier Guarantees

On-Time Shipment

Meeting deadlines is important to us, so we’re serious about delivering your orders on time.

Free Shipping

For large orders, we guarantee fast and free shipping to our valued clients nationwide. It’s a promise! For further info, get in touch with our trusted sales reps.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the premier tote bag supplier in the China, we guarantee that your order is as what was agreed on. This includes the correct custom product, custom print, and delivery date. If these are not met, we will redo your order or you may return the items and get a refund. is a tote bag distributor and decorator of bags. We have a variety of bags to meet all your needs. Could it be for carrying books, your laptop or for going to the gym? We are determined to meet your needs by supplying you variety of bags such as Wholesale Tote Bags, Canvas Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags, Clear Bags, Promotional Blank Tote Bags, Wholesale Laundry Bags, Cheap Cooler Lunch Bags, Sport Duffel Bags and Specialty Bags at our online store at TotebagSupplier. We have a large selection of bag inventory all below wholesale prices. Wholesale tote bags are categorized by material where we have canvas tote bags, non-woven tote bags and polyester tote bags.

There are countless reasons why you as an every day should start to use a reusable bag. We have studied article after article, paper after paper, and blog after blog. Other than the fact that we makes the coolest reusable bags around, you are now on the cutting edge of a unique Grassroots movement that is sweeping the nation!

why we are urging you to make the very important choice to put down your paper and plastic and protect your Earth today! It isn’t too late. In fact, we are just getting started !!!

The facts are staggering and we could go on and on as to why it is so imperative that you stop using paper and plastic now.

  • Reusable bags save trees
  • Reusable bags save water
  • Reusable bags save gas and oil
  • Reusable bags help air pollution
  • Reusable bags help our oceans

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