Shopping Bags

Shopping bags usually refer to the bags that people go shopping for to load the things they buy. In the past, the most common type of shopping bag was a plastic bag. Later, as people’s awareness of environmental protection increased, many reusable bags appeared to replace plastic bags. The most common types are canvas shopping bags, non-woven shopping bags, polyester shopping bags, cotton shopping bags, and tote bags.

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Nowadays, shopping bag manufacturers make many popular shopping bags. The most common types are canvas bags, non-woven bags, cotton bags, tote bags, and polyester shopper bags. However, what is the difference between these shopping bags? Let’s continue reading the following articles.

Cotton Bag

As we all know, cotton bags and canvas bags are the most common natural fiber bags. The fabric of the cotton bag is very smooth, so it is more suitable for carrying clothes than other bags. In addition, its production cost is relatively low, so it has become one of the best choices for many suppliers.

Canvas Bag

Because cotton bags and canvas bags are so similar, many people mistake them for the same. However, there are differences between them. The difference between them is the length of the handle, and the length of the cotton bag can be selected. But the canvas bag has a standard length. Therefore, the cost of canvas bags will be a little higher than that of cotton bags. In any case, they are easy to clean and durable, making them a good choice for shopping bags.

Non-woven Bag

Similarly, non-woven bags are one of the most popular common shopping bags. Because it is very wear-resistant and highly recyclable, non-woven bags have also become one of the people’s choices. Compared with woven bags, they can be folded, so it is easier to store and carry.

Tote Bag

Originating in the 1980s, a tote bag is a large bag that can hold and carry many items. When people need to carry a lot of items, they usually choose a tote bag. The tote bag has long handles on top so that one can hang it over the shoulder, reducing weight.

Polyester Shopping Bag

Polyester shopping bags are known for their flexibility and elegant look. It is also very versatile, not only for shopping bags but also for promotional bags. Waterproof, lightweight, durable, and easy to wash are its most common advantages.

Shopping bags are very versatile, initially people just used them for shopping, later people use them for work, school, gym, and even travel.

In simple terms, it is divided into three steps. First, think about your use. Others, compare the differences between several shopping bags, and finally, choose the right size and weight.

There are many benefits of using shopping bags. Conserving resources, reducing pollution, avoiding recycling issues, protecting wildlife, saving money, and more are all its benefits.

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