Masks are one of the essential items nowadays. Wearing a mask is one of the measures to prevent respiratory infections. When used properly, it can help prevent infections spread through respiratory droplets. Keep your hands clean at all times, wear a mask properly, maintain cough etiquette, and protect yourself and others.

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Nowadays, the new crown virus is spreading very fast, and people’s demand for masks is increasing day by day. As we all know because masks can effectively reduce the entry of bacteria into the mouth and nose, and at the same time prevent the spread of droplets in your mouth. How to choose a suitable mask has also become the knowledge we need to know.

KN95 masks are more popular than N95 masks. There is no obvious difference between N95 masks and KN95 masks. The essence is that there are certain differences in production and testing. In any case, the protection of both is very well protected. Within a certain flow rate range, such as the standard flow rate of normal air is 85mL/min, the two have good protection efficiency for particles with a diameter > 0.3μm, and the protection efficiency is above 95%. For droplets and aerosols in the air, the two also have a good protective effect, because the diameter of droplets or aerosols in the air is >0.3μm.

Medical surgical masks are also one of the most purchased types. Many surgical mask suppliers continue to produce various types of medical surgical masks to meet everyone’s needs. These masks are generally divided into three layers, the outermost layer is the shrink layer, which prevents the penetration of blood, body fluids, and splashes. The middle layer is a filter layer, which is composed of melt-blown material and has a strong adsorption effect. The innermost layer is a skin-friendly layer, which can absorb moisture to a certain extent and make the wearer feel more comfortable.

As one of the non-woven bag manufacturers, Neway also produces three-layer non-woven masks and children’s masks according to market demand. If you are also interested in this, please contact Neway Company.

People usually use masks to prevent bacteria and dust from invading. In addition, some people use masks to cover their faces.

This is a question without a standard answer. However, the effective use time of a mask is basically four hours. We try our best to replace the mask after four hours to make it play a better protective role.

Because there are many bacteria in the hospital, after the doctor wears a mask, it is beneficial to prevent bacteria from entering the mouth and nose, such as large droplets, splashes, etc. It also helps reduce exposure of saliva and respiratory secretions to others.

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