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The tote bag industry has seen significant growth over the years, with cosmetic bags being a key segment of this market. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of PU Cosmetic Bags, their significance in the current market, and how to choose the best options. We will also highlight some of the top suppliers in this category.

What are PU Cosmetic Bags?

PU Cosmetic Bags, made from polyurethane (PU) leather, are a popular choice in the cosmetic bag market. PU leather is a vegan, artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer, often used for making shoes, bags, and other accessories. These bags are designed to hold cosmetics and beauty essentials, offering practical, handy, and stylish solutions for everyone who likes to keep their favorite cosmetics at hand.

The appeal of PU Cosmetic Bags lies in their luxurious feel, durability, and waterproof properties. They come in various sizes and designs, catering to different consumer segments. Some are designed for everyday use, while others are perfect for travel, offering ample space and separate compartments for organized storage.

Top PU Cosmetic Bags Suppliers

Classic Packing

Country: China

Classic Packing, a professional cosmetic bag supplier with 15 years of experience, is a remarkable name among the best cosmetic bags wholesale suppliers in China. They offer a wide range of products, with a focus on quality and attention to detail. Classic Packing is well trusted by clients from around the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia.


Country: USA

Lengthbag is a leading cosmetic bag manufacturer that prioritizes nature and uses eco-friendly materials. They offer a range of cosmetic bags in vibrant colors and amazing designs. Lengthbag also provides customization options, allowing clients to design bags that align with their brand.


Country: USA

NGIL offers a range of cosmetic cases designed not only for makeup but also for jewelry, smaller accessories, toiletries, and electronic accessories. Their cosmetic case design is perfect for the storage of smaller items, making it a perfect travel companion. NGIL’s fun and whimsical prints are sure to turn heads while traveling.

Kinmart: Kinmart is a leading manufacturer of custom and wholesale makeup bags, cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, tote bags, and handbags.

BHS International, Inc. and LBU, Inc.: These are among the suppliers listed on Thomasnet, offering a variety of cosmetic bags with secondary services like packaging, fulfillment, and drop shipping.

Puckator: This is a European wholesaler offering a large selection of cosmetic bags and makeup pouches. This platform lists top China wholesale canvas cosmetic bag suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and factory lists. This supplier provides a wide range of products including canvas cosmetic bag wholesale and printed pouches wholesale.

Qosmedix: They offer a wide variety of wholesale cosmetic bags for carrying an array of beauty essentials.

Europages: This platform lists 140 manufacturers in the cosmetic bags industry worldwide.

Alibaba: Alibaba offers a wide range of cosmetic bags, makeup cases, PVC, plastic, and PVC cosmetic bags wholesale from suppliers. They carry a variety of cosmetic bags wholesale selection, including wholesale top handle cosmetic cases and large top handle cosmetic cases.

Lengthbag: This is a custom private label cosmetic bag manufacturer and supplier for businesses and bag brands.

Oasis Bags: They offer an assorted collection of faux leather toiletry bags, vanity kits, double layer pouches, round beauty cases, etc.

Bagmasters: They offer a vast selection of custom makeup bags that you can put your logo, initials, and more on.

How to Choose PU Cosmetic Bags

When choosing a PU Cosmetic Bag, consider factors like material quality, design, functionality, brand reputation, and price. A well-made cosmetic bag should be easy to clean and keep your items from breaking inside your bag.

Identify the needs that the cosmetic bag fulfills. If you’re using the bag for everyday use, a smaller size might be sufficient. However, for travel, you might need a larger bag with separate compartments for organized storage.

The Bottom Line

Understanding PU Cosmetic Bags and selecting the right supplier or manufacturer is crucial. The listed companies showcase the diversity and innovation in this market segment, aligning with consumer preferences and industry trends.

As you interact with PU Cosmetic Bags, consider the information provided in this guide. The future of this market segment promises potential developments and trends, making it an exciting space to watch.


As you navigate the world of PU Cosmetic Bags, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the product category, top suppliers, and tips on making the best choices. Keep an eye on future developments or trends in this market segment, and let this information guide your interactions with PU Cosmetic Bags.

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