Non woven garment bags are mainly made of non-woven fabrics. The top of the bag has a handle for easy folding and carrying. They can usually hold two suits or three full-length garments and feature exterior zipped pockets. Most non woven garment bags have matching interior zipped pockets for shoes and accessories.

Non woven garment bag NW SC003 d2390

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When you attend a banquet, do you choose to dress up? Whether it is a suit or a skirt, it can add an elegant demeanor to you. At the same time, it also shows your respect for the banquet to a certain extent. When the banquet is over, how should these suits and skirts be stored? In order not to forget them in the corner wardrobe, we need a non woven garment bag.

As we all know, non woven garment bags are mainly made of non-woven fabrics. Non-woven fabric is a very durable material, so non-woven garment bags are reusable and very durable. In addition to this, the non-woven material is also environmentally friendly. It can usually hold two suits or three full-length garments, and it is equipped with external zip pockets. In addition, skirts, tops, leather, tuxedos, etc., can all be stored neatly in the closet using it. The external zipper is good for keeping dust out, keeping it neat and clean.

Non woven garment bags are not only the best choice for long-term storage, but they are also perfect for travel. It features a handle and metal eyelets on the top for easy folding and portability. We just need to comfortably carry the handle like a handbag. Besides, we no longer have to worry about how to carry our favorite suits or skirts, and we don’t have to worry about getting them dirty.

If you are looking to buy a non woven garment bag, Neway might be a good choice for you. Our non woven zipper garment bags are made of high-quality 80-120GSM fabric, which is very breathable and keeps clothes fresh and clean smelling all the time.

Although the best material for a garment bag is cotton,non-woven is also suited for a garment bag. Because the material of non-woven can be breathable.

Of course yes. Non-woven bags are now being used in a variety of daily life. Non-woven carriers are the most environmentally friendly and the most versatile and practical bags in the marketplace today.

Garment bags can typically hold two suits or three full-length garments and feature exterior zipper pockets for easy access to travel essentials. Besides, interior zip pocket for shoes and accessories.

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