Woven Vs. Non Woven Polypropylene Bags

Woven Vs. Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags: What Is The Difference

Reusable bags are all the rage these days, with a smorgasbord of options crafted from eco-friendly materials like paper, natural fibers like cotton, and even a versatile plastic called polypropylene. This plastic is a jack-of-all-trades, used in everything from lunch boxes to, you guessed it, bags!

At Neway Textile, we offer two types of polypropylene bags: non-woven PP and woven PP. While they might seem like twins at first glance, they’ve got some differences that set them apart.

So, what’s the lowdown on woven PP versus non-woven PP bags?

Both non-woven and woven polypropylene bags are made from the same plastic resin, but they’re like siblings with different personalities.

Woven polypropylene is like the strong, silent type. It’s made from polypropylene plastic threads woven together, creating a tough material that’s flexible and strong. It’s like the bodybuilder of the bag world, able to carry heavy loads without breaking a sweat. That’s why you’ll often see these bags being used for parcel collections or for carrying heavy items.

On the other hand, non-woven polypropylene bags are the innovative, eco-friendly sibling. Instead of being woven, the fibers are bonded together using heat and pressure. They’re still durable, but they’re a bit lighter on their feet, making them perfect for everyday use.

Both types of PP bags are 100% recyclable, making them a great choice for the environmentally conscious. They’re just one step away from the top of the Greenpeace pyramid of plastics. Plus, they come with a bonus feature: they’re waterproof when finished with a laminated film, keeping your belongings safe from any unexpected rain showers.

Our printed non-woven PP and woven PP bags come in a rainbow of colors and can be dyed to match your style or your brand. Your design can be printed over the entire bag surface as we reverse print onto a matte or gloss lamination.

For more info, or to chat about your eco-friendly bag needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We’re here to help you find the perfect bag for your needs!

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