Promotional Bags Made From RPET

Why You Should Use Promotional Bags Made From RPET

Is your company looking for a responsible way to utilise promotional bags that can help get your brand and image out there? Products made from rPET show your commitment to sustainability.

Consider using eco friendly promotional bags, such as reusable shopping bags, which are fashioned from sustainable materials such as rPET.

The benefits of using such items are numerous. Here’s a little more information about the products, rPET and the way it impacts the environment positively.

What is rPet?

rPET is recycled polyethylene terephthalate. This is a material that can be gathered from used plastic bottles – whether fizzy drink, juice or bottled water – that have been put aside for the purpose of recycling.

When collected as recycling, the plastic bottles are sorted and cleaned, crushed into small flakes, then heated to melting point in a factory. The hot material is then extracted to create yarn, which can go towards making new products that can be used time and time again.

The exciting thing about this is that it gives something that would often be thrown away a new life in a sustainable form, such as a NEWAY eco friendly promotional bags.

How is this beneficial to the planet? For one, it gives a single-use plastic item such a bottle a second life, as opposed to its other fate. That is, being thrown away to take up to 1,000 years to break down in landfill or elsewhere where it’s polluting the land or sea.

It helps to save the world’s resources, as rather than creating a new item from scratch, existing material is being used.

What products can be made from rPET?

Neway promotional bags, such as its reusable shopping bags, are all made from rPET. This ensures that not only are they sustainable, they’re robust and durable too. Unlike supermarket checkout bags, the handles aren’t going to snap with a heavy load of groceries, and the stylish design is resistant to day-to-day wear and tear.

These products have a long lifespan and can last for years, meaning there’s no need for single-use plastic options. Eventually, a wide uptake of these kinds of products can help to reduce the amount of plastic in circulation around the planet, and that’s great news on a number of levels. It means less resource wastage, and fewer items such as single-use plastic bags or bottles polluting waterways and other areas.

An increasing amount of businesses and consumers are choosing to support such sustainable products made with these kinds of ideals in mind.

How can Neway products made from rPET help you?

Neway promotional bags are great for not only aligning your brand’s image with the popular and important eco friendly movement, but also for attracting a wide audience.

The bags can be seen anywhere from the supermarket aisles to the schoolyard, the office and on the streets, meaning a lot of people will see your brand’s name or logo. The design of your choice will be woven onto the product using a high-quality label, meaning it won’t wash off or fade away. This makes it an ideal choice, allowing you to get maximum return on your investment.

Consider using eco friendly bags made from rPET for promotional purposes. You’ll be doing the planet a great favour, encouraging more widespread use of sustainable products and contributing to a culture where resources are seen as valuable and precious, rather than an endless supply to use at whim.

If you’re interested in eco friendly promotional bags, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Neway to find out more.

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