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Custom Printed Non Woven Bags

Non woven bags have become an extremely popular choice for eco-conscious consumers and businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. These durable and versatile bags provide an affordable, reusable alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Neway Ecobag is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality non woven bags that can be customized to meet all your shopping and branding needs. With over 200 employees and a massive 16,000 square meter production facility, Neway has the capacity and expertise to deliver bulk orders of bags globally.

Why Choose Non Woven Bags?

Non woven bags have rightfully earned a reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly types of shopping bags available today. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Reusable and Recyclable: Non woven bags can be used over 100 times and recycled after they’ve exceeded their lifespan. This makes them far more sustainable than single-use plastic bags.
  • Durable and Strong: Made from polypropylene, non woven fabric is water-resistant, durable, and can hold heavier weights than other eco-bag materials.
  • Customizable: Non woven bags can be customized with prints, logos and more using techniques like screen printing, heat transfer vinyl, and sublimation printing.
  • Eco-Friendly Material: Non woven bags have a much smaller carbon footprint to manufacture compared to cotton totes or plastic bags.

Why Choose Neway Ecobag?

With over a decade of experience supplying quality custom bags globally, Neway has proven itself as a leading wholesale supplier of non woven bags. Here’s why you should choose Neway for your next bulk order:

Huge Production Capacity

Neway’s massive factory and experienced team allows them to handle orders of any size. Whether you need 1,000 bags or 500,000 bags, Neway has the capacity to deliver quality products on time.

Top-Notch Quality

Every Neway non woven bag undergoes rigorous inspections and testing to ensure durability, safety, and consistency. Positive customer reviews on sites like Alibaba and Amazon speak to Neway’s commitment to quality.

Customization Expertise

Neway offers a wide variety of printing and design options to create custom non woven bags aligned with your brand. Their team will work with you one-on-one to bring your design vision to life.

Custom Printed Non Woven Bags
Custom Printed Non Woven Bags

Neway offers full-color custom printing services for non woven bags

Eco-Friendly Production

As a leading supplier of reusable bags, Neway understands the importance of sustainable manufacturing processes. They utilize solar power in their facilities and follow ethical practices.

When Should You Use Non Woven Bags?

The durability and versatility of non woven fabric makes these bags suitable for nearly any application where reusable bags are needed.

Retail & Shopping

One of the most popular uses for non woven bags is in retail as shopping totes. Their lightweight design and foldability allow shoppers to easily carry goods. Retailers like grocery stores, fashion boutiques, and farmers markets frequently brand non woven totes as reusable alternatives to plastic bags.

Conferences & Events

Branded non woven bags make excellent conference goodie bags or souvenir bags at large events. Attendees appreciate receiving a reusable bag rather than a single-use plastic bag.

Food & Delivery Services

Non woven takeout bags are ideal for food delivery services. They can hold multiple containers, keep food secure, and feature bold custom branding.

Tradeshows & Promotions

Tradeshows are a great opportunity for companies to hand out custom printed non woven bags to promote their brand. These bags tend to be reused often even after the event, turning attendees into walking billboards.

How Are Non Woven Bags Manufactured?

Non woven bags are made using an advanced heat bonding process in which polypropylene fibers are bonded together to form a durable and flexible fabric. Here is a quick overview of the non woven manufacturing process:

1. Raw Material Preparation

Polypropylene pellets are melted down and extruded to produce fine fibers or filaments that will form the non woven fabric base.

2. Web Formation

The polypropylene fibers are layered and dispersed onto a conveyor belt to form a thick web of fibers.

3. Heat Bonding

The fiber web then passes through heated rollers at high pressures. The heat and pressure cause the fibers to bond together creating a strong, finished non woven fabric.

4. Additional Finishing

The non woven fabric can receive additional coatings or treatments to improve characteristics like water resistance, flame retardancy, or opacity.

5. Product Manufacturing

The fabrics are then cut and sewn by skilled sewers into finished non woven bags of various sizes and styles.

6. Customization

Bags can optionally be sent for custom printing services like screen printing, heat transfer vinyl application, or sublimation printing.

7. Quality Control

Each order undergoes a quality control check before being packed for shipping. This ensures any defects are caught early.

How to Order Wholesale Non Woven Bags

Purchasing custom wholesale non woven bags is easy thanks to Neway Bag’s helpful customer service team. Just follow these steps:

1. Choose a Bag Style

Select your preferred size, shape, handles, and closure method. Neway offers many styles including tote bags, wine bags, drawstring backpacks, and cooler bags.

2. Select Fabric & Quantity

Consider factors like weight capacity, opacity, water resistance, and quantity based on your needs and budget. Neway has experts to help you choose.

3. Design Your Bag

Work with Neway’s graphic design team to create a custom layout for your non woven bags. Provide your logo, branding colors, and other print specifics.

4. Approve a Sample

Neway will send you a free sample bag with your custom design to review and approve before full production.

5. Receive Your Order

Once the sample is approved, your full order will go into mass production. Neway offers global shipping via air and sea freight.

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Why Neway Ecobag is an Industry Leader

With over 16,000 square meters of factory space and 200 skilled employees, Neway has the impressive capacity to manufacture over 1 million non woven bags per month for clients worldwide.

They offer wholesale service globally and have fulfilled custom bag orders for clients in many countries across North & South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

A few notable highlights that demonstrate Neway’s industry leadership:

  • 10+ years of experience specializing in bags
  • 1,000+ satisfied corporate customers
  • 16,000+ sq ft of modern factory space
  • 1 million bags per month capacity
  • 200 dedicated employees
  • Global shipping to over 60 countries
  • Positive customer reviews and 5-star rating on Alibaba

Neway’s expert team, top-tier production capabilities, and commitment to quality have earned them a reputation as one of the most reliable wholesale non woven bag suppliers in the industry.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

As a leading provider of reusable bags, Neway understands the importance of sustainable production methods. They implement several eco-friendly practices including:

  • Solar power to reduce emissions
  • Ethical treatment of employees
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Recycling programs to reduce waste
  • Sourcing high-quality durable materials

By manufacturing reusable non woven bags designed to withstand hundreds of uses, Neway helps countless clients lower their environmental impact. Their commitment to operating an ethical and eco-friendly facility demonstrates progressive leadership in the industry.

Why Reusable Non Woven Bags Are the Future

The movement away from single-use plastics and towards durables is growing stronger each year. Consumers and retailers alike are looking for affordable and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags. Non woven polypropylene bags check all the right boxes.

As more cities and countries enact plastic bag bans, reusable non woven totes provide the perfect solution for an environmentally conscious world. And the ability to customize these bags makes them prime for any branding needs.

Businesses looking to show their commitment to sustainability should consider upgrading their bags to reusable non woven as soon as possible. The quality, customizability, and low cost offered by suppliers like Neway Ecobag makes this an easy switch.

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