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The biggest advantage of laminated bags is environmental protection. In addition, laminated bags have advantages that traditional bags do not have. The most common are the following :


Laminated bags are generally light and flexible. In addition, different types of laminated bags have different substrates. For example, the laminated kraft paper bag is made of kraft paper as the base material, so it can provide customers with a vintage surface.

Reduce production cost

The manufacture and packaging of laminated bags are relatively simple, and the process is not so cumbersome. Therefore, the laminated bag suppliers spend relatively little time and cost on manufacturing the laminated bag.


Laminated bags will be customized according to the type of goods and customer needs. At the same time, it can also be made of film substrates with specific packaging properties, such as waterproof, light-proof, and so on.

Divided into three steps, the first step is to put a thin layer of printed four-color graphic polypropylene film on the white substrate. The second step uses heat bonding to create a permanent seal on the top layer of polypropylene film. Finally, the printed panels are precisely cut and stitched.

Generally speaking, most composite bags tend to use the following three substrates. They are: Woven PP, NWPP and Recycled PET (rPET).

There are many types of laminated bags. The most common of these are: non-woven laminated bag,PP laminated bag,laminated canvas tote bag and laminated kraft paper bag.

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