Cotton Net Bag

Made from 100% cotton, our cotton net bags are a stylish yet sustainable, reusable alternative to plastic grocery bags. Durable and spacious, our eco-friendly cotton mesh market tote bags and cotton net drawstring bags are also multi-purpose. Use them as organic ball net bags, promotional gift bags, favor bags for parties and events, or as all-around cotton storage bags. Each cotton net bag is a quick and convenient way to minimize your environmental impact.

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Natural Cotton Net Bags

Our eco-friendly cotton net bags are excellent multi-purpose cotton bags. Use them as product packaging, mini-cotton mesh bags, promotional gift bags, favor bags for parties and events, or all-around cotton storage bags. Traditionally used as handmade soap packaging, you may also fill these cotton bags with small wooden items, children’s toys, etc. Lightweight and stylish, each drawstring bag features a sturdy cord/tie that complements the natural look of the cotton fabric. Each cotton net bag is a quick and convenient way to minimize your environmental impact.

Drop your dependence on plastic bags and check our wholesale cotton net bags which are made from 100% certified organic cotton, giving you and your customers a 100% green alternative to plastic bags. That means you get a quality bag that is reusable, ensuring you don’t have customers throwing out non-biodegradable plastic bags after getting their produce home.
Being made from organic cotton, our bags are also easily washable to ensure the product stays safe and clean. The design of the produce bags is easily foldable for storage on your store shelves, or in your customers’ pantries. The bags are also made without the use of any dye or bleach, so they are very safe for use with produce, and won’t leach chemicals into produce. For convenience’s sake, the tare weight is also on the label for proper pricing at the cash register.

Bulk Order Cotton Net Bags from Neway

In Neway, we offer an excellent variety of cotton net bags. Cotton net bags are more durable and sturdy compared to cheap plastic bags. Not only do they offer more quality, but making them ideal for your business or promotional uses.
The quality cotton net bags we offer come in the style and color you love and are made with a thick and durable fabric that will last years of usage. Bring your new favorite shopping cotton net bag to the local grocery store, a fashion shopping trip at the mall, or even a family fun day at the park or beach! These wholesale cotton net bags are an ideal choice for multiple occasions that won’t disappoint you.

Custom cotton net bags cost between $0.10 and $8.00 each on select styles. However, the price of custom cotton net bags is based on the quantity, style, size, and imprint colors chosen.

Cotton net bags are not only reusable bags but also environmentally friendly. It is durable and therefore one of the ideal alternatives to plastic bags.

1000 pieces. If you have other quantities you want to customize, you can contact us. We will provide the price according to the quantity.

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