Carrier Bags with Custom Design

Neway is capable of designing and manufacturing printed carrier bags of varying sizes, shapes, and materials based on your needs and requirements. For the past ten years, we have catered to a wide range of prominent clients and helped their brands stand out from the rest. Our portfolio includes carrier bags, canvas bags, non-woven bags, and more.

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Why Use Printed Carrier Bags

Enhance your brand identity with unique, bespoke, and eye-catching graphics.
Make your brand stand out from the rest.
Develop brand personality connecting a positive experience of opening a purchase with your brand.
Look more professional to your customers than simply having a plain carrier bag.
Include key information about your company that can help your customers remember you.

Designed to Your Specification

As the leading supplier of printed carrier bags in China, Neway supplies printed nonwoven, cotton, canvas & paper bags to match your exact requirements. Our range of bags is available in a number of materials, sizes, styles, and colors of your choice.
We offer a number of eco-friendly bags with our biodegradable carrier bags a popular choice alongside our paper, fabric, and luxury bags which can all be reused and recycled.
Do you need bags quickly? We understand just how rapidly business needs can change so we can deliver urgent small quantities of bags rapidly, so please contact us to discuss your requirements or use our inquiry system.

Customized Carrier Bags

Customized carrier bags can be used for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are given out as promotional materials for a specific event and some businesses keep them available for the customer for every purchase. No matter what the bag is to be used for it is and will become a walking advertisement for the business depicted, so it is vital that the bag be made of top-quality materials and stand out from others. Customized carrier bags are a great way to showcase a business and an inexpensive way to get the company’s name out to the public.

Our printed carrier bags are produced from non-woven, cotton, canvas, or paper and are made in China.

No matter which material you choose for customization, we will provide you with the highest quality products.

Send us the material, color and quantity you want to customize. We will communicate with you and quote as soon as possible.

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