Non Woven Pouch

Non-woven bags are durable and reusable at the same time. Therefore, the use of non-woven bags has become more and more widespread, and non woven shopping bag manufacturers have also produced many types of non-woven bags. Non-woven bag with zipper, die cut non woven bag, non woven t-shirt bag, non woven garment bag, etc.

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Non-woven bags are gradually becoming more and more popular and gaining popularity for many reasons besides being durable. These include the following reasons:

Easy to Wash

I believe that when people buy a reusable item, whether it is easy to wash becomes the first concern of people. Non-woven bags are also reusable items, and cleaning is also very simple. Therefore, when an item is easy to wash, its popularity is undoubtedly greatly increased.


One of the differences between non-woven bags and woven bags is foldability. Due to the material from which the woven bag is made, the woven bag is very strong but does not fold easily. The non-woven bag is not only strong but can also be folded, so people no longer have to worry about storage when they go out.

Low Price

Since non-woven bags can be produced in a short period of time, the production pressure on non woven shopping bag manufacturers is greatly reduced. At the same time, its production cost is relatively low, and its market price is also relatively low. Therefore, it is more popular with consumers.


The surface of the non-woven bag is easy to customize, and people can customize and paint it according to their own needs, which enriches the non woven shopping bag design to a certain extent.

Nonwoven is a sheet or web structure in which fibers are bonded together by mechanical, thermal, or chemical entanglement. They are flat, porous sheets made directly from individual fibers.

The non-woven bag is eco friendly, and it is also reusable, thus avoiding the problem of recyclability and helping to protect the environment.

Nonwovens have many advantages. These include elasticity, enhanced absorbency, and washability. In addition, non-woven fabrics can also be customized to enhance certain properties, such as impact resistance, thermal insulation, etc.

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